Endless Questions

They say 'better to be safe than sorry',
tell me then,..whats the point in love?
So 'all great minds think alike',
..then would one genius be enough?

If my success is based on wealth,
would being poor mean that I failed?
If flying would get us places faster,
would you rather walk or sail?

The human race has no conscience,
does that mean I have no soul?
If animals can live as one,
who's really in control?

Why do people die for truth,
yet others live on lies?
The sad men force a smile,
the happy stand and cry?

If life had no enigma,
like a book already read,
would you enjoy it just as much,
as if the words had not been said?

How come ten good things go unnoticed,
whilst one bad thing gets a mention?
Why do Prophets get forgotten
but mass killers get attention?

'Chase what can't be caught',
...why not save what can't be saved?
When you know what's in the darkest cave,
would you still walk in affraid?

If you count every breath your last,
would you watch the sunset everyday?
If your own demise meant saving others,
would you turn and walk away?

If assumption's the cause of accidents,
is ignorance seen as bliss?
Can you hug someone a thousand times,
but fall in love with just one kiss?

Can you achieve goals without risk
or get thrills without there being danger?
When you can't comprehend what you feel inside,
does that make you a stranger?

An odyssey, a saga, a quest?
There are so many different suggestions.
What would you prefer? The answers fortold?
...or a life with endless questions?

by Mark Graham Meades

as seen on: http://www.poemsonly.com/poems/ipendlessquestions.php