1. My topic is the Juicy Couture.

2. What I already know:

Who? G&P created the brand Juicy Couture

What? It is a popular brand.

Where? In the Glamorous U.S.A.

When? I'm not sure when it started.

Why? It's comfy and cute.

How? I don't get what this question is asking...

3. What I want to know (research questions):

Who? Who runs this company?

What? What do they sell?

Where? Where did this originate exactly?

When? When was it founded?

Why? Why does everybody love Juicy Couture?

4. My research strategy:

Who? I’ll ask Mrs. Cato and Mrs. Brem for help in locating information. Internet.

What? Expert websites, databases.

When? During class or outside of class if needed.

Where? Computer for online resources.

How? I’ll use my thesis statement and research questions to figure out what to look for and what to take notes on.

Key words for searching (to be used in search engines):"Juicy Couture" "Juicy Couture official website" "Juicy Couture Obsessions" and other variations of this.