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Nice job! I just thought about the fact that several of these project had websites... I wonder if they are still working.

What I need to have in each paragraph on each project:
Mission Statement
Money Raising
Information Gaining
Public Relations
Money Raised (things purchased)
Awards Won

In 2008, Project SOS began with the coach of Terry Weid. Their mission statement was to provide the Scottish Rite Hospital (a nonprofit hospital) with a trampoline and basketball game so that the patients could have more fun while in the hospital. Some of their fund raising activities were: a float in the Grapevine Parade, a fun run for the students of Cross Timbers Middle, a raffle during lunch time, a district wide social, a carnival, and donation jars. They gained information by taking a field trip to the hospital, presented their ideas at the Lion’s Club meeting, talked to the kids at the hospital, and were in the local newspaper. They raised a total of $2,177.60. They then gave this money to the Scottish Rite Hospital. Project SOS
In 2003, Project PEACE began with the coach of Twyla Tasker. Their mission statement was to reduce the amount of bullying going on in their district. To gain information, they had a bullying survey, a wear grey day, and promoted peace signs on campus. Some of the fund raising they did was 'pennies for peace' where students could donate money during their lunch period, and a raffle for grace. They helped with Santa Cop (a nonprofit organization used to give underprivileged kids Christmas presents), promoted the anti-bullying program: Invisible Weapons, had a no taunting pledge signed by nearly all the students, subscribed to Teaching Tolerance Magazine, and had random acts of peace. They won state in the division and received an award of appreciation from the Grapevine Police Department. Project PEACE
In 2006, Project SOAP began with the coach of Twyla Tasker. Their mission statement was to help hurricane students in their area. To gain information, they interviewed hurricane victims and compiled a list of what they might need. They had a week of giving where students were to give a certain item on the list each day of the week; they had a canned food drive, and collected baskets of soap and other cleaning products to give to the victims. They helped with Santa Cop and had random acts of kindness to lighten the mood of their school. They published a 'welcome to Grapevine' pamphlet to welcome newcomers to their area. They also helped Words of Hope (an organization which donates journals to recent hurricane victims so that they can write down their feelings). They won state in the intermediate division and were published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. They also received the Human Services Award. Project SOAP
In 2007, Project HOME began with the coach of Twyla Tasker. Their mission statement was to help orphans manage everyday. To gain information, they had a guest speaker from All Children's Home: Valerie Heath, they also called orphanages to see what supplies the orphans needed. They then had a fundraiser at Boston's Pizza and put together backpacks for the orphans which they distributed at a Christmas party. They raised awareness in their area by supporting national adoption month by speaking at a pep rally. They also distributed a pamphlet over Christmas volunteer opportunities. They were published in the Dallas Star Telegram and received first place in the leadership division at state. Project HOME
In 2003, Project REACH began with the coach of Twyla Tasker. Their mission statement was to reach out to students on their campus with special needs. To gain information, they read and researched books they could read to the students and researched upcoming events they could take the students to. They read to the students, taught them the value of money, and helped them write their name. They also attended the GHS play and saw Polar Express with the children. They made Halloween cookies, Thanksgiving crafts, Christmas cards, kites, and books. They helped with the Special Olympics and had a bake sale to raise money to buy books for the children. They were an international finalist and won state. Project REACH

1. My topic: Community Problem Solving at Cross Timbers Middle School in the years 2004, 2006, and 2008
2. What I already know: Community problem solving is a competition where students from schools in Texas compete to see who can solve the best problem

Who: Sixth grade students
What: A GT class
When: Every year at CTMS.
Where: Cross Timbers Middle School
Why: To give gifted and talented students a chance to solve the problems around them
How: By giving them a competition to compete in

3. My research questions:
Who brought CmPS to Cross Timbers?
What: What are some of the projects we have had?
When: When did we start CmPS at Cross Timbers?
Where: Where did the projects compete?
Why: Why do the students like it?

How: How have these projects made a difference?
How many CmPs projects have we had? What were the names of the projects? What were the goals of the projects? Who were some of the coaches of the projects? What awards did some of these projects win?
4. My research strategy:
Who: Mrs. Moxley, Mrs. Cato, and Mrs. Weid

What: Expert websites, newspaper articles
When: During, or after school
Where: At CTMS or at home
Why: To obtain data for the CTMS Wikispace
How: On the computer, and with pen and paper
Key Words for Searching: Community Problem Solving, CmPS, FPS, Future Problem Solving

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