Voices and Challenges

Proposed Issue - DUE 4/18

Determine a current social issue that you want to persuade people to take action on. Documented in the form of the Group's Goal on the Team Wiki Planning Page.

Reporter's Questions - DUE 4/20

Generate a series of questions that you can use to guide your research about your issue. You should have at least five questions for each of the Reporter's Questions [Who - What - Where - Why] and four questions for each of the Reporter's Qustions [When - How] these questions are NOT about the technical aspects of the actual project (such as When will we present?). They are to be questions that will guide you into further understanding about the specific subject you are researching.

  • What organizations are involved in helping to prevent bullying?
  • What laws are in place to prevent animal cruelty?
  • How does bullying affect the victim?
  • How does recycling impact the environment?

  • When will we present?
  • When did world hunger start?
  • What can we do to find out about this issue?
  • When will it end?

Research Notes - DUE 4/24

Conduct research about your issue that will support your persuasive campaign and appeal to your target audience. As a starting point, answer the questions that you generated in the Reporter's Questions assignment. It is important that the answers to your questions are research based (not just from your brain) and provide insightful information about the topic you are researching. It is encouraged that you find statistics to include in your research so that you will have a concrete evidence to create a compelling campaign.

All research notes should be documented in the following format:

QUESTION: Where in Honduras are the people that are suffering poverty?
ANSWER: All of Honduras has people suffering in poverty. Most poverty is in the rural areas where 75% of the people are below the poverty line. 60% of the people in Tegucigalpa are below the poverty line.
SOURCE: http://www.ifad.org/media/success/honduras_2.htm

Annotated Bibliography - DUE 4/25

  • Create a MLA bibliographic citation for each source that you used during your research. You must have at least five sites. It is suggested that you use a bibliography generator such as http://www.bibme.org/ and then copy and paste that citation on your wiki page. Still lost on how to take the MLA Citation http://screencast.com/t/liyddY1eP
  • Write an annotation for each citation. The annotation should be three to four sentences and include the author's purpose of the website as well as information about the resources that are available on the website. This is a slight modification to what was initially presented in the Entry Document Application

  • Cherry, Kendra. "What is Prejudice?." About.com Search - Find it now!. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. <http://psychology.about.com/od/pindex/g/prejudice.htm>.
    This website defines well-known and unknown stereotypes and prejudices. It explains the effects prejudices have on people and what happens when they occur. The website also shows our different reactions in the subconscious and how we make natural stereotypes through what we see and hear.
  • "Social Prejudice and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy." The Motivation Tool Chest. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <http://www.motivation-tools.com/workplace/social_prejudice.htm>.
    "Social Prejudice and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" showed how social prejudice affects our leadership styles and who we favor above others. The website also showed that social prejudice can be costly and dangerous to society. Lastly, it defines self-fulfilling prophecy and how it is related to social prejudices.

  • Finarticles.com thiIsis a website that is interactive business resource library. With content such as race culture and laws. It is supported by CBS.

  • http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-new-teen-age/201010/7-ways-support-teen-bullying-victims This is a website link, not a bibliography.
    This website is giving us several good ways to help bullying victims. Each time the website states a good way to stop bullying, it gives very distinct information and facts about the solution. These solutions are very specific, but can be adapted to almost any situation. DOES NOT EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE

  • "2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics by World Hunger Education Service."World Hunger Notes Homepage. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 May 2012. <http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002.htm>.
    While researching, we discovered this great website. This website was very unique because it showed pictures and charts to show facts and stats about world hunger. There was one pie chart that showed where world hunger was the worst, and this was very helpful. There was another chart that showed the amount of hungry people from 1969 to 2010. and this was also helpful. Overall once again, a great website. EXPLAINS HOW THE SITE WAS USED FOR RESEARCH AND NOT THE PURPOSE OF THE SITE.

Planned Solutions - DUE 4/30
  • Generate a list of possible solutions to the issue. You should include at least 10 ideas that insight others to action.
  • Choose the most reasonable and effective solution that you would like to implement and briefly explain it in further detail.
  • Make sure you have enough detail so someone who has no understanding of your project can understand your work.

  • We will host a pet adoption drive and encourage others to adopt shelter animals.
  • We will hold a canned food drive and encourage others to participate by brining food items to donate to a local food bank.
  • We will schedule a "Mix it Up" day at school and encourage others to site by people they do not normally sit by in order to help them learn about other cultures.

  • Create a website
  • Inform people about bullying
  • Hang posters around the school

Application Rough Draft - DUE 5/2
Thoroughly answer all 4 of the application questions using specific details in order to provide the grant committee with a clear understanding of your proposed project. There is not a ton of space so it is important that you make wise word choice selections. Additionally, please adhere to proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling conventions.

  • When finding pictures to use for your presentation, you must give credit to the creator of the image or photograph it is not your own work. To do this, create a list of photograph links at the bottom of your team's wiki page.
  • When looking for music, please do not violate copyright laws. You may not record a recording of a song and use that for your video. You do not own the rights of the song to do that.
  • Utilize the resources that Mrs. Cato has provided to you on the DCP Digital Toolbox Wiki. There are tons of places linked on this site that you can use for music, sounds, and images.

Video - DUE 5/9 - Now Due 5/11

Create a persuasive video, no more than three minutes, highlighting important information about your issue. The video should accurately and convincingly bring light to your issue as it educates others about the issue. Your video should both explain the issue and call to action those who watch the video. Consider the following examples noting their use of ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS. When you are finished embed your video on your blog. -- Don't know how? watch this video: http://screencast.com/t/h6XwJy4ne

Billboard - DUE 5/10 - Now Due 5/11

Create a mock billboard that will used to market your cause. The billboard should reveal careful analysis of a target audience and a thoughtful coordination between the billboard and the issue. The mock up should be at least 36 inches by 24 inches. Consider the following examples noting their use of ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS.


Mock Presentation - DUE 5/9 - 5/10 - Now Due 5/14 -5/15

Completed Application - DUE 5/11 - Now Due 5/15

Final Presentation - DUE 5/15 - Now Due 5/21 - 5/22